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February 20, 2004
Carol Stothart Perkins Remembered
Carol Stothart PerkinsIt is with great sadness that The Film Music Society announces the passing of Carol Stothart Perkins, eldest child of film and stage composer Herbert Stothart (1885-1949). Carol died of natural causes on February 19 in Santa Monica, California, shy of her eighty-fourth birthday on March 28. She is survived by her children Mary and Michael, her half-sister Constance Stothart Bongi and her half-brother Herbert Stothart Jr.

Carol was an avid scholar of her father’s song repertoire as well as those of his contemporaries. As a child, she performed in the chorus of the Stothart/Gershwin/Hammerstein/Harbach Broadway musical Song of the Flame (1925), and later appeared in M-G-M’s The Rogue Song (1930). In 2002, she and her siblings donated Stothart’s 1925 Bluthner piano (known to many as "The Wizard of Oz piano") to the Motion Picture and Television Home as a bequest to the Home’s musical residents. The Society gratefully acknowledges Carol’s perseverence in upholding the Stothart legacy, helping to preserve its important place in film and theatre music history. —Marilee Bradford