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October 7, 2005
Herbert Stothart Jr. Remembered

Herbert Stothart

With great sorrow, we announce the passing of our friend, Herbert Stothart Jr., only son of the pioneer film and stage composer Herbert Stothart (1885–1949), who died of complications from a stroke on October 6. He was 74 years old.

Herb Jr. is survived by his daughters Lisa, Betta, Anna and Camille, and his sister Constance Stothart Bongi. His elder sister Carol Stothart Perkins passed away in February, 2004.

Herb Jr. was a great supporter of The Film Music Society and its efforts toward film music preservation. Determined to uphold his father's musical legacy, he and his sisters maintained many of Stothart's music manuscripts and personal papers at a time when other composers' families were disposing of such materials. As a result of their concerted efforts, the Herbert Stothart Collection is presently being catalogued for UCLA Music Special Collections. This important collection will include rare information on Broadway and Hollywood history found through no other source. The Society gratefully acknowledges Herbert Stothart Jr. for his invaluable participation in the chronicling of film and theatre music history. —Marilee Bradford