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New FMS publication presents writings on film music's past, present and future

Film Music 2 Film Music 2.Edited by Claudia Gorbman and Warren M. Sherk. Sherman Oaks: The Film Music Society, 2004. 254 pp. B/W Illustrations, Photographs. Indexed. ISBN 1-892050-02-1 (hard glossy cover, $20.00)

The Film Music Society's latest publication is Film Music 2: History, Theory, Practice. This enriching anthology, the second of an ongoing series, contains works by some of the leading writers and theorists on the subject of film music.

Film Music 2 includes a broad scope of material from the 1940s to the present. Essays are devoted to the documentary scores of Golden Age composers Virgil Thomson and Aaron Copland; opera films; soundtrack cross-promotion at United Artists; film music as a forum on the Internet; and the teaching of film music in a liberal arts curriculum. Also included in these pages are analyses of scores by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Patrick Doyle; a Film Music Society-sponsored oral history with songwriters Jay Livingston and Ray Evans; a history of the music of Gail Kubik; and a biography of Moog synthesizer artist Paul Beaver.

Film Music 2: History, Theory, Practice is available to the general public only through The Film Music Society. The price is $20 plus s/h.

Also available is the Society's earlier publication, Film Music 1, at the price of $20 (plus s/h). For a limited time, Film Music 1 is being offered at a discount price of $15 (plus s/h) when purchased with Film Music 2.

Please see our Merchandise page for purchase information.

    Film Music 2: History, Theory, Practice


    by Christopher Young, composer (Entrapment, The Grudge) and FMS President

    by Claudia Gorbman, Professor of Film Studies at the University of Washington, Tacoma

    Musical Texture as Cinematic Signifier: The Politics of Polyphony in Selected Documentary Film Scores by Virgil Thomson and Aaron Copland
    by Neil Lerner, Associate Professor of Music at Davidson College, North Carolina

    Deception's Great Music: A Cultural Analysis
    by Peter Franklin, Reader in Music at the University of Oxford

    Jay Livingston and Ray Evans: An Interview
    by Arthur Hamilton, Oscar-nominated film and popular songwriter ("Cry Me a River," "Sing a Rainbow")

    Works of Distinction: The Functional Music of Gail Kubik
    by Alfred W. Cochran, Professor of Music at Kansas State University

    Paul Beaver: Analog Synthesist Extraordinaire
    by Warren M. Sherk, orchestrator and archival music specialist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Margaret Herrick Library

    Linking the Film and Music Industries: Cross-Promotion, the Soundtrack Album, and the Case of United Artists
    by Jeff Smith, Director of the Film and Media Studies Program at Washington University, St. Louis

    The Opera Films of Daniel Toscan du Plantier
    by Michel Chion, composer and filmaker, Paris

    Sense and Sensibility: Musical Form and Drama in the Film Adaptation
    by Robynn J. Stilwell, music faculty at Georgetown University

    Film Music on the Internet: The Origin and Assessment of FILMUS-L
    by H. Stephen Wright, Associate Dean of Public Services at Northern Illinois University

    Teaching Film Music in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
    by Michael V. Pisani, Associate Professor of Music at Vassar College

Special Offer
For sale to members only!

"Hollywood Composers" by David RaksinDavid Raksin Remembers His Colleagues: Hollywood Composers
Published by The Stanford Theatre Foundation, 1st printing, 47 pp, softcover
Foreword by David W. Packard

©1995 David Raksin, All Rights Reserved

David Raksin Remembers His Colleagues: Hollywood Composers, is a collection of fascinating essays written by Mr. Raksin in association with a festival of classic film scores at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, California in April 1995. This limited edition is now available for purchase only through The Film Music Society, and only by members!

Each essay offers candid insight into the life and career of some of the most important composers in film history – Aaron Copland, Hugo Friedhofer, Bernard Herrmann, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Alfred Newman, Miklós Rózsa, Max Steiner, Dmitri Tiomkin and Franz Waxman, along with an autobiographical essay – all from Mr. Raksin's unique perspective.

A limited number of these books are available to members only for $20 plus s/h. Please call, write or email us to buy your copy.

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