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October 15, 2004
Rózsa's Jungle Book now available for pre-order today!

The Film Music Society is proud to offer the premiere release of a long-awaited soundtrack – Miklós Rózsa's historic score for the 1942 classic motion picture, Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. Though RCA Victor recorded and released a Jungle Book suite on three 78 rpms shortly after the film's release, the original film music production recordings are available here for the first time, nearly complete, and skillfully restored and remastered from the last surviving transcription discs.

Rózsa's music shines on this new CD in a way it never has before. Featuring lengthy and authoritative liner notes by Golden Age film expert Rudy Behlmer, this is an album you won't want to miss. As a bonus track, we've included a previously unavailable excerpt of a rare interview about the score with Rózsa himself, conducted by Behlmer in 1974.

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book is a Limited Edition release of 1000 copies and will be available beginning November 15. However, FMS members can now pre-order their copies before they go on sale to the public. According to FMS President Christopher Young, this release will help to raise needed funds for the organization's upcoming preservation projects. "We're extremely excited to have this great score available for the first time," said Young. "It represents what The Film Music Society is all about...saving film music and celebrating our legacy."

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book is available for $20 plus $2.50 s/h (domestic – please inquire about international shipping cost). To place a quick order by credit card, call The Film Music Center at (818) 789-6404 or visit the FMS Merchandise page for further contact and payment information.
  1. Main Title 1:30
  2. The Jungle 2:47
  3. Animals of the Jungle 4:45
  4. Nato Runs Away 2:31
  5. The Wolf Cave and Mowgli's Lullaby 2:06
  6. Shere Khan Chases Gorofli from the Jungle 2:25
  7. Jungle Lullaby 1:21
  8. Mowgli's Mother 1:44
  9. Among Men 1:03
  10. Mowgli and Mahalla Go to the Jungle 2:35
  11. The Lost City 2:13
  12. The White Cobra 3:22
  13. Shere Kahn and the Stampede 4:37
  14. Kaa the Rocksnake 5:12
  15. Night in the Jungle 1:02
  16. The Murder 3:05
  17. Fury of the Jungle 2:20
  18. Mowgli Saves his Mother 3:15
  19. The Fire 4:01
  20. The End 1:34
  21. Excerpt of interview with Miklos Rozsa and Rudy Behlmer (6/1/74) 24:44

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